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29 hours of being packed in the container! The latest update of the seizure of smuggled pangolins, endangered and forgotten species.

29 hours of being packed in the container!
The latest update of the seizure of smuggled pangolins, endangered and forgotten species.

After the raid by Thai Navy on 25 March 2013, 05.30 PM., confiscated pangolins have died one by one and related officials just reached the conclusion of which authorized wildlife conservation center will take care of these pangolins. By tomorrow, 27 March 2013, all of them will be delivered to the nearest center. That means these pangolins have to be kept in the containers and wait for one more night?

Thai Navy kept watering the pangolins to avoid the heat and delivered to the police for legal process. Doubtedly, not even one authority comes and responsible for these confiscated animals.
In Thailand, this is not the first time that the process after the seizure has been delayed and by what factors that obstruct such wild animal rescue scheme.

Thai Navy and volunteers tried to contact anyone that possibly helps these poor pangolins such as NGOs since they cannot stand watching such suffering animals. While Thai Navy is strongly enforcing the law and a hundred of animals are dying BUT there is obstacle at the end, authorities and legal process. The victims of a crime are going to die from cruelness and stress from packed in the container.

They get stress very easy and quickly die. They need space to find food and may die in confined space. Relevant organization should send the vet to check out seizure animals as soon as possible since they are normally force-filling up with the flour-water mixed to gain their weight and fetch more money.
Pangolins, harmless animals, only roll up when they are frightened. They are 1 in 4 Hilights of wildlife trafficking that need to be solved (after Elephant/Ivory, Tiger, Rhino Horn) but the degree of protection and after care of Pangolin is way lower even than dogs from dog meat smuggling.

How many lives that we have lost after the seizure, continuous raid with hundreds of animals found each time.
The point is, where have they gone? Where are they and how have they been later on?

?They died pretty easy, only a couple of days after transferred to the authorized center they?re gone? some officials explained. That is the truth that never been revealed to the public and no one follows and talks about lives after the arrest. From our point of view, it should be publicized to build awareness and sort out the solutions.

Furthermore, government organizations should open their mind and decentralize. They need to admit that they are struggling with the confiscated animal management. As well as they may observe from NGO?s system, get help from reliable organizations or even place confiscated animals under the care of trustworthy NGO with periodically monitoring.

Many countries in Asia, Cambodia for example, their government organizations are able to cooperate with NGOs who expert in particular fields since they admit their weakness and primarily concern the survival of animals.

Strongly enforcing the law is good but reconsideration when it comes to the law that related to LIFE is suggested. The best choice should be the way that helps them survive the most. So, is it the time that law enforcement can be compromised with animal welfare?

( Finally, Wildlife Friend Foundation and local volunteer contacted Deputy Director- Department of National Park, Mr. Teerapat, to urge the process. At 09.00PM, some officials took all the confiscated pangolins to wildlife conservation center already.)

Animal Activist Alliance (AAA) Thailand

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