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Stealing Baby Elephants for Tourism


” The beginning of a suffering life.” Where’s my mom? What’s my life coming to?

This one- half year-old baby elephant was chained alone in his stable. Stressed and wounded from training (Look at his neck.), he had no mother and nanny to look after or feed.

He was separated from his family and sold to an elephant camp to be trained. And his life will change forever. He?ll learn to paint, play football, ride a bike, anything that tourists always expect to see an elephant does, instead of being with his family, being fed by his mother and living his life the way a happy one- year-old baby should.

Elephants? family resemble human?s so much. A baby elephant will be nursed by his/her mother and a nanny (sometimes more than one) until he/she turns three or four. A baby will also have sisters, aunts, and grandmother to hang out with.

Sadly, most of the babies today, including this one didn?t get that chance. Cute little baby elephants are always in demand. One baby is cost at least one million Baht (about 33,000 USD). The smaller, the better. Sometimes when natural breeding can?t produce enough babies to supply the market. Buyers even order some babies from the wild and that means at least 2-3 adult elephants must die.

FYI, training means a lot of pain to an elephant. It?s totally different from training dogs or cats with some snacks and a little bit patience. You can train an elephant the same way you do to your pets, but it?s gonna take you years before the elephant learn to behave. Elephant camps or zoos who invest their one million on one baby can?t wait that long. So they use pain to control their elephants. Scared a baby and the baby will obey you for all their life.

By the way, Elephants age at the same rate as human. One-year-old elephant is not different from one- year-old human baby. Stealing a human baby from mother is a crime. Why is that acceptable when happens to an elephant?

If you find it unacceptable, please STOP supporting any circuses or elephant shows. Please be reminded that when you and your kid are smiling and enjoying the show, some other kids are crying for their mom.

Animal Activist Alliance (AAA) Thailand.

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