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Can the slaughter be stopped?

bloodyivorySadly, Thailand is one of the highest ranked countries in illegal ivory trade. Even though one of basic precepts of Buddhist is to abstain from taking life, still some Thai monks and their believers turns out to be the major consumer in this blood business.

These days, Ivory means ?curse of death? to an elephant. Thousands of elephant died just because human need their tusks. Once they were cut from their dead bodies, those valuable ivories will be crafted and turned into luxurious jewelry and precious amulet. To ivory fonder, just one little piece can protect its owner and bring him/her good luck.

Isn?t that?s ridiculous? How can a piece of bone save someone from harm? Since the elephant, the REAL owner of it, still can be killed. Those expensive jewelry or amulets will never worth their price. They can never give any luck. Luck NEVER comes from taking life.

Animal Activist Alliance (AAA) Thailand

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