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Boonchu the elephant ” victim from the power addict “



03 April 2014 at Sabaa Yoi district, Songkla province, a 10 year old young bull elephant was murdered by 5 officials while both of his legs were shackled.

A few days earlier this young bull elephant on the Musth period, but on the 03rd April the mahout think his Musth is gone and he ready to go to work; the mahout decided to unchain him then will take him to work . But Boonchu still on Musth period? and? still aggressive so he can’t recognize? any one . By accident? Boonchu have attack and kill his mahout and one other mahout who stay close by tried to come to help also get? injured . The owner called to the local vet to come to help to tranquilizer the bull , but it take a long while. During they wait they tried to Calm the elephant and finally they can chain him back again. when they see Boonchu was more calm, they decided to go back home to prepare for the mahouts’ funeral.

On the way home , the owner and villager saw 5 officials pass by and all of them had the gun in arms; just a few minutes later, they heard the gun roll – the elephant owner tried to stop but no one listened to him; the picture in front,? the young bull elephant was shot by 5 men with a great roll of bullets. Boonchu tried to use his trunk to protect the bullets from his head and the bullets cut his trunk right away. the people heard his roar before he was falling down and dying.

This is the true story of an Elephant whom we call ?The symbol of Thailand? ! They have no legal standing or law to protect themselves. Their cry asks for justice ! If they have done anything wrong in this life, it is our own cruel judgment of a life that ought to be free, protected, unhindered, magnificent !

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  1. This is outrageous and also heartbreaking. This is wrong to kill this elephant. They got the chains on, and they could have waited for the vet. There was no reason to do this terrible thing to this poor elephant. I have no more words……..but plenty of tears.

  2. This is heartbreaking. I would like to visit Thailand in 2015, in great part to visit the Elephant Nature Park. However, if this savage treatment of animals is allowed by the Thai officials, I will protest in the most effective way possible which is to keep my tourist dollars out of the country. Please respond to protect these beautiful creatures.

  3. I am heartbroken and so sad. How does this happen in this day and age?
    How do such intelligent and beautiful creatures not have protection against not just this kind of
    atrocity, but from any kind of abuse? I just don’t understand how the symbol
    of Thailand can be murdered instead of respected and admired. What the hell is wrong with
    the people who can put the necessary policies in place to prevent this from happening?
    I love Thailand, but this makes me so sick I’d actually think twice before booking
    my next holiday there. Do the perpetrators know how news like this affects tourism? Does the government care how animal welfare affects
    tourism? What a joke.

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